Mr.President, His Holiness and HRH by laroque

Mr.President, His Holiness and HRH

Our Christmas traditions have been picked up in several countries, and these are the Catalan contributions to the festivities. They are called Caganers and you can Google if you want to know the details. We bought His Holiness at Céret market in the first year we lived here, and the other two were gifts - one from a monarchist and one from a republican, I suppose.
Fascinating! I did Google it and have learned of yet another interesting (and at first slightly off putting ) Christmas tradition. The education opportunities through 365 are never ending! Great photo.
December 12th, 2015  
Fsacinating! What surprise seen this curious tradition ;) ... Cute interesting three ... Despite how big and important a moment in time can be for ourselves, you have a chance to forget him staying at W.C. ;)
Here's mine from last year
December 13th, 2015  
@jborrases That's quite a selection! I think the bottom row has the most interesting characters.
December 13th, 2015  
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