Beans, greens and a melon by laroque

Beans, greens and a melon

I've not been taking photos for a while, so Laroque market seemed like a good place to restart. I had wanted to take a shot of the new mural on the wall of Le Comptoir Rocatin anyway, but this nice display of vegetables attracted my attention. So, choose the viewpoint, put on the wide-angle lens, compose and wait for some action, which arrived in the shape of the pregnant woman. She adds balance to the photo, which had too much going on on the left.

France removed the need to wear masks outdoors a few weeks ago, but on Sunday our département, le Pyrénées-Orientales, became the first in which it was reimposed, because the number of Covid cases was rising very quickly. Like everything bad that happens here - feral animals, thieves stealing railway tracks etc.- it was blamed on our neighbors, the Spanish. They are indeed also having a bad time in Catalonia, but I can't help feeling that if less of our own residents went there to buy cheap booze and tobacco, then we would have avoided this problem.
Looks like a beautiful market
July 21st, 2021  
Very colourful Nice market
July 22nd, 2021  
A nice colourful shot of the market.
I like the art work on the wall in the that the mural that you mentioned?
July 22nd, 2021  
@leggzy Yes, it is a Catalan peasant with his donkey, the symbol of our département, which is the only French département that was once part of Catalonia. The peasant is wearing a barretina on his head, another symbol of Catalan culture.
July 22nd, 2021  
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