Enjoy it while you can by laroque

Enjoy it while you can

A scene from one of our dog walks that will soon be no more. The forestry department are doing 'débroussaillage' here, the removal of all the undergrowth, needed for fire protection. All this will be cut right down to the earth, just as the 'fried egg" plants are flowering.

The cork oaks are of course fire resistant. Apparently the more twisted and deformed they are, the more fires they have survived. This lot look like they've not had a difficult life.

It's a lovely scene but sadly soon to be gone. Glad you now have a memory of it
May 3rd, 2022  
Beautiful cork oaks, such a lovely tree. Shame about the débroussaillage, but presumably it's necessary...
May 3rd, 2022  
So sad, you have it captured forever!
May 3rd, 2022  
You need to collect some seeds and become a rebel.
May 3rd, 2022  
Nothing like a field of wildflowers. Lovely!!! Why do they not do controlled burns of the undergrowth?
May 3rd, 2022  
It is so pretty with all the flowers and the trees are so characteristic! Wonderful capture!
May 3rd, 2022  
This part of the forest is beautiful, the undergrowth will be missing from the view.

May 6th, 2022  
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