Psst! I have to tell you a secret! by lastrami_

Psst! I have to tell you a secret!

Ginger was grooming his fur, but somehow it looks as if he wants to tell something on the quiet.
Nice capture!
May 19th, 2019  
neat capture, appropriate title
May 19th, 2019  
Clever caption and super shot. Instant fav!
May 20th, 2019  
@grannysue Thank you :)
May 21st, 2019  
@ninaganci Many thanks :)
May 21st, 2019  
@elatedpixie Thank you so much :)
May 21st, 2019  
I like his whiskers and his clean fur!
May 21st, 2019  
@kchuk Thank you, Elyse. He is such a charming cat! Very kind and cuddly. But very combative when another cat shows up :-\
May 21st, 2019  
Beautiful colours!
May 26th, 2019  
@vesna0210 Thank you. I guess, every red cats looks good on green. This is not mine, but he visits me every day. Have a nice day!
May 27th, 2019  
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