Picasso by lastrami_


Seems as if she likes to be inside, but she doesn't love the other cats (no surprise).

Guess I must rename her, because Picasso sounds weird for a girl. How about Mimmi? Suggestions are very welcome :)
Hello, Picasso, now Mimmi! You look very comfortable in the basket!
September 5th, 2021  
Picaso fits her because of the cool markings on her face. Very pretty tuxedo kitty😻
September 5th, 2021  
Beautiful cat!
September 5th, 2021  
Hey Picasso! Wie geht's? You look very comfortable. You could change the ending to a and have Picassa as she is a girl maybe?
September 6th, 2021  
adorable Picasso! so cute
September 7th, 2021  
Cute pic
September 8th, 2021  
@kchuk @monicac @bkbinthecity Heartfelt thanks, I'm happy about your kind comments.
September 15th, 2021  
@hunterjuly Many thanks for your comment. Yes, this was exactly why I named her Picasso the first time we met. That day I didn't think about if the cat is male or female
September 15th, 2021  
@ninaganci Thanks a lot, dear Nina ♥
September 15th, 2021  
@casablanca Many thanks for your kind words and the idea. I actually thought about "Picassa" (or "Picasa", because it sounds a little softer). But that's also the name of an old image organizer I still use.
My husband said, he's too old to learn new names all day, we should simply keep on callling her Picasso.
Big hug
September 15th, 2021  
Sweet capture and cute little home. I would stick with your first name choice too. I named Katniss's tuxedo kitten, Panda. If she had been a boy, it would have been Tux. When I found her a forever home, they changed her name to Katey. :)
September 23rd, 2021  
@gardenfolk Many thanks for your kind comment and your help.
You gave your cats wonderful names :)
September 27th, 2021  
@lastrami_ I only have one kitty, Katniss. She is my first kitty. If you mean Peanut Butter, he is the neighbor kitty that visits us multiple times a day. I do not think he gets much attention at home. But his name is sweet. :)
September 28th, 2021  
@gardenfolk Yes, I know, but you found a name for her kitten, too. I just meant, that I love the names you've choosen (Katniss and Panda). Sorry, sometimes I'm not very precisely when I try to say it in English. Best wishes ♥
September 29th, 2021  
@lastrami_ Oh...Katniss and Panda. Danka! You are very sweet. I like your names too. :)
September 30th, 2021  
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