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My name is Laura and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I bought my first decent camera about a year ago (January 2013) as a Christmas present to myself, and it has been the best present I have ever received. I love taking photos and I have decided that 2014 will be the year where I develop my skills. I love the idea of taking a photo every day, it will be a great way to really explore what my camera can do, and hopefully it will encourage me to look a little closer at the little details of everyday life, which can so often be brushed over. Wish me luck....

Year 2 update - I have just finished the first year of my Project 365, and really enjoyed the whole experience - the learning, the meeting new people, and the great community vibe here on 365. I have decided to keep going and do a second year, and I am looking forward to learning and taking many, many more photos through 2015!

Here are some of my photos that have made the Popular Page (thanks to Alexis @abirkill for writing this program):

And here's one that reached the Top Twenty:
(Number 9 on the list)

And here's one that won a challenge:
My Country Collage