The free horse by lily

The free horse

The robe around Fjord's neck is called a cordeo, the idea is to be able to ride the horse using only that... Hmmm, somebody please tell Fjord how this works :D He he, it is definitely something we need to practise some more!
this looks like an old photo in black and white great shot
July 10th, 2014  
Haha, love your text. Great shot!
July 11th, 2014  
:) Wonderful dear Laerke!
July 18th, 2014  
Wow you must 've a very good rider and have a lot of trust in your horse!
July 21st, 2014  
@parisouailleurs - Not a very good rider unfortunately, but Fjord is a sweetheart - most of the time anyways :p
July 21st, 2014  
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