Muskrat Skeleton B&W by lisahans

Muskrat Skeleton B&W

I live on a lake. Muskrats pop up everywhere and erode the shoreline and eat my pontoon boat cables.
Once they nested in the base of the pontoon. I think this is part of the skull of a muskrat... found it in my yard. It's a critter I could do without. Though they are sorta cute when swimming.
I have never seen a muskrat - let alone a skeleton of one. How very interesting. Well suited to b&w.
July 28th, 2017  
@littleconnie thanks. Seemed like a fun take on the critters theme.
July 28th, 2017  
well its not happy now!
July 28th, 2017  
@pusspup HA! No, it's not. I'm not sure if something ate it or it died naturally and the bone just floated up to my area of the lake. It looked very old.
July 28th, 2017  
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