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Constructive criticism welcomed.

Why 365... Hoping to try new techniques, hone ones I've tried before & work on post-processing with the intent of developing a style along the way. Also hoping to discover if taking photos is as much fun as I think it is when I have to shoot every day.

I'd intended to start a 365 at the beginning of 2015 but decided not too as the beginning of the year was so busy. A while later I discovered my friends Andy and Sam had started & was a bit disappointed I hadn't. New Year's resolution was to start 1st Feb 2016 but spookily on the day I'd decided that Andy texted me asking if I was going to do the 365 this year & that was sign enough for me that I should just get on with it.

Very honoured to have made it onto the popular page a few times now...

Get Pushed Challenges:

You can see the shots taken in response to the challenges below using this link..
273: a photograph which features reflections (@angiedanielle24) - incomplete
272: a high key photo, specially of a pet (@kathyboyles)
271: a moon shot if the weather is suitable (@fbailey)
270: a macro of an insect/ creepy crawly (@angiedanielle24)
269: photograph an animal, bird, or insect and then turn the photo into an abstract (@kathyboyles)
268: a picture using this composition typle- Foreground Interest and Depth (@joansmor) - incomplete
267: a tilt shift (@wenbow) - incomplete
266: a close up of some random object from your kitchen (@northy )
265: photosequences (@kali66) - incomplete
264: incorporate the "rule of odds" (@aecasey) - incomplete
263: pull something out of your kitchen drawer and shoot it in an interesting way (@northy )
262: use your favorite post-processing technique on a photo of an animal (@kathyboyles)
261: portrait of hands (@saskiah) - incomplete
260: symmetry (@saskiah) - incomplete
259: white-on-white photography (@saskiah)
258: Light painting (@aecasey)
257: redo one of your favorite pictures from last year (@miseria) - incomplete
256: a still life (@annied) - incomplete
255: take a food photograph (@aecasey)
254: photograph something which you would usually avoid (@jorlam) - incomplete
253: capture the "feel" of London OR people were here (@vera365)
252: do it over a photo from the first month on 365 (@randystreat)
251: create a shot in any way you wish where hands are the focus (@365anne) - incomplete
250: to do a portrait shot (@tskipper)
249: to create a black and white high key capture (@lynbonn)
248: take a shot with a repeating pattern (@gerry13) (incomplete)
247: a photo of something of interest to see in London. Something not that popular @sdutoit(incomplete)
246: a triptych to tell a story about a subject (@suesouthwood) (incomplete)
245: a shot with moving water (@suesouthwood )
244: capture something that is important to you, something that defines a part of who you are (@randystreat ) (incomplete)
243: a person in a beautiful black and white silhouette (@brigette)
242: your interpretation of "Surreal" (@jorlam) (incomplete)
241: a photo that reminds you of your favorite movie (@homeschoolmom)
240: a black and white abstract or movement in B&W (@annied)
239: a black and white photo (@kotasmama)
238: to capture something that is about to be smashed, is being smashed, or has been smashed (@lynbonn)
237: a black and white representation of love (@francoise) (incomplete)
236: Either making a symmetrical image using reflections........or having a go at finding faces in inanimate objects (@stephanies) (incomplete)
235: Take a black and white photo of something colorful. Then try inverting it. (@joansmor)
234: An intentional camera movement image (@wenbow)
233: Take a photo using the title of one of the Grimms fairy tales as the theme (@bristolrose)
232: photograph a new years resolution (@homeschoolmom)
231: see 230 (@brett101)
230: the forced perspective technique (@brett101) (incomplete)
229: order and disorder (@blueace)
228: take mundane item of office stationary and turn it into a fun shot! (@cottiac)
227: take a photograph in which the interesting elements are on the edge of the frame, with nothing of interest in the middle (@yrhenwr)
226: capture thanks/thankfulness (@lynbonn - incomplete)
225: a B&W landscape photo (@homeschoolmom)
224: take food picture with a Liz Hammond twist (@joansmor)
223: capture an image that signifies the start of the Christmas season for you (@ellieburgin)
222: try out free-lensing (@aecasey)
221: Using a plastic bag as a filter (@lynbonn)
220: Partner did not set challenge & was away for the week so took week off
219: See what you can do to use shadows in a creative way (@farmreporter)
218: to try and shoot something soft, pastel, and perhaps high key (@caj1311)
217: take a picture of something from an ants perspective (@mumswaby)
216: do a leading line photo with one of your twists (@joansmor)
215: utilize foreground distraction in your capture (@lynbonn)
214: photographing something abstract.(@la_photographic)
213: partner did not set a challenge so took a week off!
212: do a deconstructed landscape (@aecasey)
211: take a photo called 'Liminal'. You can interpret it any way you want. It means 'on the threshold' (@littlequeenie)
210: the morning (@olenadole)
209: go to "your favorites" and pick one of your July favorites from your collection. Then take a picture of a similar subject that shows your own take on it (@aecasey)
208: a photo of light trails (@la_photographic)
207: make a collage using 3 b&w shots representing who you are (@frappa77) - Incomplete
206: a shot that uses the rule of thirds (@zeezee)
205: a Dutch angle shot... Or a shot that for the word "vertigo"... (@northy)
204: use both reflections and silhouettes in the one photo (@beachdog)
203: a photo of something that can't happen again (@tracys)
202: partner had to drop out so took a week off!
201: to take a shot that represents balance (@andywallis)
200: take a shot that uses light refraction (@marcop)
199: shoot a definable object from at least three different perspectives (@mcsiegle)
198: shoot the theme 'music', 'musical' or 'sound' (@romeheather)
197: working more with leading lines (@francoise)
196: to try steel wool spinning for my self or to photograph a person from a distance (@ellieburgin)
195: to take a picture built around the theme "upside-down" (@vera365)
194: to shoot opposites. (@aecasey)
193: Portrait of a person but with the twist of not showing the face (@mbrigit)
192: A still life capture. For added interest you could choose 3 to 5 items from a room & use them.
191: shoot something equally dramatic in B&W, SOOC with no post-processing other than crop (@jaybutterfield)
190: take some time to observe birds and to submit a photo based on reality (@farmreporter)
189: a surreal composite or a forced perspective shot (@northy)
188: portrait - a selfie, a friend, family member, a dog, a cat or a doll even but the most important thing to take notice here is the lightning and the composition (@susale)
187: capture the subject that is in motion, but as a clear and focused single moment (@andywallis)
186: Faceless Portrait - tell me something about the person, but with the twist of not showing the face (@mcsiegle)
185: step back and at something old and make it new or more modern (@joysabin)
184: water as the central subject (@joansmor)