Second Cousins by loey5150

Second Cousins

I came across this photo quite by accident today.
This was taken about 12 months ago.
These are our 2 nieces children as well as our son's daughter.
This was the first time some of them had met each other.
We all live in different area and rarely get together.
We had a wonderful day as I remember.
Just thought to share.
(I had actually been looking for the photos from this day for ages, so I guess I was meant to find them today) :D
Nice group photo.
September 9th, 2010  
How fast they grow. A snap to treasure.
September 9th, 2010  
What a cute photo! I'm glad you found these!
September 9th, 2010  
Isn't it lovely when you find anything that has gone missing for a while - especially a photo like this - happiness all around! Cute shot!
September 9th, 2010  
Love to look at family pictures.
September 9th, 2010  
Great memories!
September 9th, 2010  
I've got a photo similar to this one too Mum... :D
September 10th, 2010  
What fun to meet the younger members of your family! I see Lynda isn't the only darling! It's a shame the kids don't all live closer, but that's almost a way of life in the states. I always envied our Australian friends that the families seemed to typically live close by!

I couldn't wait to get to the computer for a bit longer this evening to *Thank You* for all the time you spend going through my photos! I can't tell you how nice it is to know that someone's actually looking through them after I *finally* get them posted! I really fell behind this summer! I forwarded your very kind note to David & Billy so they wouldn't miss it. To tell the truth, I haven't made it through all your notes yet, but I won't miss reading a one! I always feel like we're looking through the pictures together, and you know I especially love sharing Dill with you! FYI, the last stitch on his eye has worked out, and it looks like a million again! The vet's handiwork is nothing short pf phenominal, I think!
September 13th, 2010  
A note has arrived from Billy which you may enjoy...I should be more modest and edit it, but I just know you'll enjoy it in its entirity: "I am always amazed at Lois. She is one dedicated fan of yours. Perhaps the most. She truly loves your photos. In a way I feel as if I know her as I see and read all the kind and thoughtful comments she makes....."

And so, at 1AM, I'm calling it a night. Thanks for sharing my day in your own way, m'friend!
September 13th, 2010  
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