Your Name In Lights -15 Seconds of Fame by loey5150

Your Name In Lights -15 Seconds of Fame

My sister was told that there was a Festival in Amsterdam during June organised by - Holland Festival & Stedelijk Museum, where you could register your Family name by email & all the names of your family & they would be put up in lights on the Museum building at a specified time.
Each name would be up for 15 seconds.
This would be on live feed all around the world.
Well! our names came up last night at 11.05pm.
I took photos of course - here they are :)

The link is below
Oh, that's so cool!
June 26th, 2011  
Well that is a cool idea.
June 26th, 2011  
I love it! Andy Warhol said everyone would get 15 minutes of fame but in this age of speed, it has been reduced to 15 seconds!
June 26th, 2011  
Very cool!

Such a pity I forgot about it and was asleep by the time it was online. :(
June 26th, 2011  
@melissapike @digitalrn @allie912 @mozette - Yes! I agree with you all - it was a cool idea - to think people saw our name in lights - all good fun!
June 26th, 2011  
how cool is that
June 26th, 2011  
@sarasdadandmom - thank you :)
June 27th, 2011  
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