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Finished Year 1 on 15th January 2012. Learned a shed load of new stuff, and have a shed load still to try. I managed until March last year, then life took over.

*UPDATE* 16th January 2013 - I've been thinking about another 365 for a month or so, and have finally decided to go for it. SO excited already! And looking forward to seeing a new batch of talented people on here :) Like eveyone else I'm massively busy...so will be commenting as much as I can, albeit possibly sporadic! I dont tend to do the mass 'thank you' thing. Take it as read that if you comment I'm thanking you :)

My iphone has gone, and I've now got a Sony XperiaS with a ridiculous 12mg camera. My Mumix went to Lumix Heaven to be replaced with a Fuji Finepix HX30 EXR. I've had that a couple of months, and am not entirely convinced of its quality so far. I've still got my trust Canon 450D -with 50mm, and 2 short and a long zoom.

Oh yeah...I live in Oxfordshire. On a former USAF airbase. Which is due to redeveloped in the next few years. Some of it is wonderfully derelict..I'll miss that.

Enough about me...look at my photos already :)

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