Choosing a floor by loweygrace

Choosing a floor

We thought we would be able to have our 70 year old wood floors refinished again...but we were told they wouldn’t survive a light sanding!! I almost cried. I love these old floors!! We have 2 choices: don’t do anything until they break apart or cover them with another type of flooring. We decided on a floating floor that looks like wood. I’m cringing just thinking about it...but we narrowed it down to these two. They’re similar but one is a little darker.

oh that is so sad - I like the slightly darker one :)
September 20th, 2019  
Decisions , decisions ! especially when the old flooring has such an attractive mature colour to it ! I like the warmer tones of the darker wood - but so difficult to decide from an image ! - Good luck !
September 20th, 2019  
I think I like the lighter colour myself...sorry to be different! I think the darker one will be much more dominant than the lighter one you are used to plus darker shows bits more...dust, crumbs, fluff animal hairs etc. It’s hard deciding! I would be tempted to do nothing as you love the original so much....unless it’s a hazard to safety give it another year or two perhaps!
September 20th, 2019  
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