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A leftover from earlier this month, my excursion to Staunton, IL. I really liked these doors, but tried to include the context of the building, including several levels / layers, and a satellite dish on top... It all turned out a busy busy mess, and I moved on to other photos. But I keep coming back. This is cropped in a fair amount, and is still pretty busy. But I don't hate it.
This building design would give an architect a heart attack! Or it could be presented to an architect class on what not to do!
posted June 24th, 2018  
Definitely not an manufacturer's dream. It is interesting though.
posted June 24th, 2018  
I can see why you were attracted to it. I like all the textures- if I had been taking it, I might have been tempted to include more of the building too, but I think in the end, I would have made it all about the doors and left everything on the right off of the picture, keeping about the same proportions with the slatted window that you have now while coming down about 4 rows of bricks from the top and a little bit off of the bottom- just mho! But like you, I like your result here.
posted June 24th, 2018  
posted June 25th, 2018  
I think it turned out well, I like it.
posted June 27th, 2018  
@rkbailey THANKS!
posted July 6th, 2018  
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