Another "people" throwback....

This is from July 5, 2012. Only 5 years ago, but that's far enough back for me. I was helping my daught drive from St. Louis area to Flagstaff, Arizona. Taken during a stop at the Petrified Forest National park.

Pure happenstance. We were pulling out of an overlook area and I noticed this woman lift the child to stand on the wall. Taken from the passenger's seat of the (stopped) car.
Yikes! Was there much of a drop-off on the other side of that wall? It looks harrowing in the photo, but I can't imagine a mother putting her child up there if it was dangerous.
posted July 6th, 2017  
@desertaura Thanks Beverly! My recollection is that the big drop off was not immediately across the wall. This is a spot called Pintado Point, location:
35° 4'52.37"N 109°48'6.38"W
posted July 6th, 2017  
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