Near Hardin, IL

Today's throwback comes with a bit of a story, Hope you don't mind. But this humble image is a "moment" in my photographic journey.

I took up photography in early high school, back in the mid 1970's. And over the next 15 years or so, I was pretty active, mostly b&w, and mostly developed / printed myself. But as life evolved ("real" job, wife, house, kid#1, kid#2), I started slipping toward "snaphot" photography. And when we moved to the midwest in 1989, my darkroom never came out of the box. Fast forward to a cold January Saturday in 1996, and we decided to go eagle watching ip the Mississippi River. Sice we only had 1 set of binoculars, I dug up my SLR and zoom lens. Not even thinking photos, just another way to eagle watch. But I did drop a roll of film in.

And during the course of our explorations (and we did see lots of bald eagles), we passed this old barn. And something clicked. I pulled to the side of the road, left my wife and kids in the car, and hurried back to take a couple of pictures. And that broke the dam, and started the renewal of my passion.

So this one is special to me. I looked at Google-Earth and Google maps, and was able to find the spot. And the barn is still there. The road in the background is Degerlia Hollow Road, so I summpose this is Degerlia Hollow...

This was taken with my (long since retired) Nikon FM2, and scanned from a 4x6 print.
What a great barn for a photograph. I like the ways the winter trees frame it on three sides and the bright snow blankets the other portion of the image as well as the roof. Really enjoyed the story that goes with this photo.
posted July 8th, 2017  
Great to look back
posted July 8th, 2017  
Love the vertical lines in this
posted July 8th, 2017  
@lyndemc @bkbinthecity @christophercox Thanks Denise, bkb and Christopher!!
posted July 8th, 2017  
This is a great shot and not just for the reason of re-igniting your art. Fav.
posted July 9th, 2017  
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