" I just need to find which one has come loose..." by ltodd

" I just need to find which one has come loose..."

Our first morning in Vietnam, and it is hard to miss the iconic wiring!

alternate shot at http://365project.org/ltodd/extras/2013-03-07
I think my broadband link runs through there! Good colourful shot.
March 25th, 2013  
what an interesting place. my son in law and daughter visited there last summer and loved it.
great story photo
March 25th, 2013  
Asian markets and streets are always fascinating
March 25th, 2013  
nice city street photo Lyn
March 25th, 2013  
Wow, what a bunch of spaghetti! Great colors and street scene!
March 25th, 2013  
The wiring is amazing isn't it! Have a wonderful time.
March 26th, 2013  
Oh, gracious!! This is an amazing capture of life there.
March 26th, 2013  
All the best safety controls and measures :-)
March 26th, 2013  
How it's done in far away places! Great shot
March 26th, 2013  
My job is to manage WHS and Injured Workers
March 29th, 2013  
holy cow! that's a mess of wires!
March 30th, 2013  
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