Pffft by lynbonn


The sound of a flame going out or the results of this unspectacular capture.

I was challenged to capture smoke. I am now aware that I am the owner of multiple smokeless soy candles. I also own a variety of things that do not create smoke when burned. After several attempts, with a variety of items and cameras, I submit my entry.

I am burnt out on this challenge!

Or perhaps I should call it "Minimalist Flame."
@frappa77 here is my response to your challenge. It is not impressive. But I did learn a lot about what doesn't work.
October 18th, 2021  
@lynbonn I know how it is to photograph smoke.... frustrating. I found that incense gave me the best results. I'm your challenge partner this week. I would like for you to take a portrait with Rim Lighting. You don't have to do it in studio, you could do it outdoors too with a low, setting sun. Let me know if you are ok with the challenge or I can change it for something else. Cheers,
October 18th, 2021  
oh dear, but what a fab shot. Insence sticks work- but my word they pong!!
October 18th, 2021  
@adi314 I thought of incense. I didn't find it it the first couple of stores. Thanks for the challenge.
October 18th, 2021  
That looks really cool with the large dark space
October 19th, 2021  
Great capture
October 20th, 2021  
haha you gave it a good go!
October 21st, 2021  
@cheeryb drama is all I had going for me.
@bkbinthecity Thank you
@kali66 Thanks. I am glad you saw the humor. It made me laugh too.
October 21st, 2021  
I really like your minimalist flame, expecially on black... In my opinion you hit the challenge...
October 23rd, 2021  
@frappa77 Thank you. I did not expect it to be hard to make smoke. Who knew?
October 28th, 2021  
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