• November 2018

1st Nov 2018 - Every time we walk over this bridge I just have to take a shot of this colourful lock! There are hundreds on the bridge but this one always catches my eye
2nd Nov 2018 - Some street art in Liverpool
3rd Nov 2018 - The new sculpture of Ken Dodd - looking serious!
4th Nov 2018 - The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
6th Nov 2018 - Just a few shots from the Magical Mystery Tour - we saw the Beatles' homes, old haunts and schools, and lots of details of how they met etc.  Fab!
7th Nov 2018 - A stroll by the locks
8th Nov 2018 - The colours of autumn!
9th Nov 2018 - Time to reflect!
10th Nov 2018 - The stairs in the Harris Museum decorated with poppies
11th Nov 2018 - A silent world reflecting on the ultimate sacrifice made by so many - lest we forget
12th Nov 2018 - Nice stroll around Tockholes Reservoir today
13th Nov 2018 - I love this avenue of trees, especially in autumn
14th Nov 2018 - Autumn ❤️
15th Nov 2018 - Leaf me alone!
16th Nov 2018 - Just another of my favourite shots from our stroll the other day
17th Nov 2018 - Bokeh!
18th Nov 2018 - Sophia having fun on the slide, and having a giggle when I tickled her at the bottom!
19th Nov 2018 - Pendle Heritage Centre
20th Nov 2018 - A double rainbow- just read up about them and as they are a reflection the colours on the reflected rainbow are reversed!
21st Nov 2018 - A view of a couple of the 7 locks of Barrowford
22nd Nov 2018 - Under the bridge!
24th Nov 2018 - Lovely lunch with a friend yesterday
25th Nov 2018 - The assault course - didn't attempt this one!
26th Nov 2018 - Callum - the older brother takes his hobby quite seriously as you can see from his expression.
28th Nov 2018 - And had to capture these three holding hands.
29th Nov 2018 - Spotted a couple of "Spadenthus Digituptera" in the woods hanging from the trees
30th Nov 2018 - Just a stroll around the Brickcroft, me and my dog as hubby is in Birmingham.