• August 2019

1st Aug 2019 - Can't beat a piece of carrot cake!
2nd Aug 2019 - Fleetwood wrecks with the photography club
4th Aug 2019 - Taken with my new nifty fifty - love It!
5th Aug 2019 - An afternoon spent at an alpaca rescue centre on Friday - they are all so cute and different ❤
6th Aug 2019 - More from the alpaca day - a black headed sheep from Switzerland. So cute
7th Aug 2019 - A lovely display with an important message - and a cute model!
8th Aug 2019 - A night at Lytham with the camera club - took this on my walk to meet them.
9th Aug 2019 - One of my shots taken with the camera club - I'm quite inexperienced and nervous yet but they are such a friendly bunch I don't feel out of place.
10th Aug 2019 - As the sun goes down in Lytham - a bit too much cloud for a nice sunset but quite like the clouds.
12th Aug 2019 - Just some colour for a grey day!
13th Aug 2019 - Sadie catching her stick!
14th Aug 2019 - A stroll round the Brickcroft yesterday in the sunshine, today we are back to rain!
15th Aug 2019 - Brooklyn Bridge - a photographer's dream!
16th Aug 2019 - Big yellow taxi!
17th Aug 2019 - Went to Lytham 1940s weekend yesterday and took some shots of the dancers in the square. Looked great fun
18th Aug 2019 - Lytham 1940s weekend
19th Aug 2019 - Lytham 1940s weekend
20th Aug 2019 - Lytham 1940s weekend
21st Aug 2019 - Those were the days!
22nd Aug 2019 - A trip into the city yesterday
23rd Aug 2019 - The lovely colours of Nidderdale!
24th Aug 2019 - Just a bee having fun! 😊
25th Aug 2019 - A weekend away with the ladies to celebrate my friends 50th!
26th Aug 2019 - Valley Gardens, Harrogate
27th Aug 2019 - A visit to Bolton Abbey before we head for home
28th Aug 2019 - Pretty in pink!
30th Aug 2019 - Irton Hall where we stayed for my friend's 50th birthday.
31st Aug 2019 - Just loved this house as we walked by!