• September 2019

1st Sep 2019 - Irton Hall where we stayed for my friend's 50th. Beautiful building.
2nd Sep 2019 - Remembering Louise!
3rd Sep 2019 - My youngest granddaughter holding one of the butterfly decorations at the memorial service.
4th Sep 2019 - It was a fiery sky last night!
5th Sep 2019 - Wast Water on a very wet morning
6th Sep 2019 - Back in the Lake District for the weekend to celebrate a friends 50th!
7th Sep 2019 - Staying at a lovely lodge in Keswick
8th Sep 2019 - Another view from my stroll
9th Sep 2019 - An early morning stroll
10th Sep 2019 - Celebrating my friend's 50th birthday with a silent disco at the lodge in the lakes - brilliant fun 😁
11th Sep 2019 - My new nifty fifty put to the test!
12th Sep 2019 - Sophia just loves her ice cream!
13th Sep 2019 - Happy weekend everyone!
14th Sep 2019 - Lovely morning so managed to drag myself from bed and join hubby on early dog walk!
15th Sep 2019 - My little granddaughter reading her free book from school,.
17th Sep 2019 - A lovely woodland walk from the caravan site and came across these pet graves. What a lovely place for the owners trusted friends to RIP
18th Sep 2019 - A couple of panoramic views of Chirk Aquaduct
19th Sep 2019 - A visit to the British Ironworks at Oswestry
20th Sep 2019 - Whittington Castle
21st Sep 2019 - Horseshoe Falls, Llangollen
22nd Sep 2019 - St Tysilio's Church, Llantysilio
23rd Sep 2019 - Llangollen railway station
24th Sep 2019 - A view from the chainbridge
25th Sep 2019 - A nice afternoon tea cruise on a barge at weekend
26th Sep 2019 - Boy, they grow up so fast!
27th Sep 2019 - Youngest son Chris and his wife Kayleigh ready to go to a friends' wedding - Chris having a bit of a Peaky Blinders look with his flat cap!
28th Sep 2019 - Meanwhile I'm babysitting Abigail and she has poor Oreo in a headlock!
29th Sep 2019 - A very wet day today- waiting for it to die down before Sadie gets her walk. Here she is waiting patiently
30th Sep 2019 - A lovely walk with Sadie this morning after yesterday was so wet! I love this cottage which is owned by a sweet old lady and her two labradors