• December 2019

1st Dec 2019 - The frost on the caravan window caught me eye!
2nd Dec 2019 - More from the Lake District
3rd Dec 2019 - More from the Lake District
4th Dec 2019 - My eldest granddaughter Grace feeling xmassy after they put their tree up πŸ’•
5th Dec 2019 - Happy doggy!
6th Dec 2019 - Just a phone shot taken the other day - waiting for a new sd card for my new 2nd hand Canon 70D!
7th Dec 2019 - There's a new coffee bar in town - Bread & Butter. I like how they have decorated the coffee with 2 B.s.!
8th Dec 2019 - A Christmas do in Manchester at Junkyard Golf - crazy golf with a twist!
9th Dec 2019 - And then a stroll around the very busy Xmas markets
11th Dec 2019 - Finally got to use my new camera after waiting impatiently for new sd card!
12th Dec 2019 - Tree lights in the background
13th Dec 2019 - Like the reflect ions of the tree lights on the glass table
14th Dec 2019 - Miller Arcade - great architecture in the city
15th Dec 2019 - A visit from the grandchildren today and just caught my eldest parting the blinds to look at the candle display.
16th Dec 2019 - A lovely afternoon with friends celebrating Xmas yesterday
17th Dec 2019 - A quick shot of the docks today - lovely wintery sky!
18th Dec 2019 - A chilly stroll down the canal today - blew the cobwebs away!
19th Dec 2019 - This barber and his customer caught my eye as we walked past.
20th Dec 2019 - A pop of red with the phone box and the England flags
21st Dec 2019 - A lovely meal with friends at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe yesterday.
22nd Dec 2019 - A drink in The Engine Room bar next door to the restaurant yesterday.
23rd Dec 2019 - My eldest son and family  - note Grace's red Rudolph nose, or pink!
24th Dec 2019 - Grace and Sophia elfing around ❣
25th Dec 2019 - Wishing my fellow 365ers a very merry Christmas
26th Dec 2019 - My granddaughters with their unicorn dresses and princess dress on
27th Dec 2019 - Boxing Day fun at our house with the family
28th Dec 2019 - My lovely sons - Chris and Steve πŸ’–
29th Dec 2019 - A beautiful sky this evening so a quick detour to the docks!
31st Dec 2019 - Wishing you all a happy and safe journey to 2020! 🍾πŸ₯‚