• September 2020

1st Sep 2020 - A stroll by the River Hodder
2nd Sep 2020 - Lovely church and old vicarage.
3rd Sep 2020 - There's just something about old trees
4th Sep 2020 - A visit to the city - masks on and off all the time but glad to see everyone being cautious!
5th Sep 2020 - Sadie likes to peep through our legs - daft dog! 💖
6th Sep 2020 - Went for a stroll in Mere Sands Woods with a friend this morning. It was a fungi and trees sort of morning!
7th Sep 2020 - Cobweb in the morning light
8th Sep 2020 - Look at this old car nana!
9th Sep 2020 - Walking by the side of Ullswater - beautiful scenic hike!
10th Sep 2020 - Lots of quaint churches about
11th Sep 2020 - Eycott Nature Reserve
12th Sep 2020 - Eycott Nature Reserve
13th Sep 2020 - Wild ponies on Caldbeck Common - didn't move for your car, just had to wait until they were ready to move on! 😁
14th Sep 2020 - One man and his dog!
16th Sep 2020 - Which colour would you like? Had to take a pic of this dog with his multi-coloured smile 😁
17th Sep 2020 - Derwentwater
18th Sep 2020 - Carlisle Cathedral
19th Sep 2020 - In the grounds of Carlisle Cathedral
20th Sep 2020 - Inside Carlisle Cathedral
21st Sep 2020 - A lovely church we just came across on our way back to the site!
22nd Sep 2020 - Aria Force waterfall
23rd Sep 2020 - A sunny stroll around Derwentwater
24th Sep 2020 - They have made a lovely walk all around Derwentwater - we didn't do it all as kept stopping to throw stones in the Lake for Sadie, and to take in the views
25th Sep 2020 - This must be one of the most photographed scenes in Keswick!
26th Sep 2020 - Sadie's brave swim!
27th Sep 2020 - Finishing my Lake District holiday shots with some cute little feathered friends!
28th Sep 2020 - Had to finish my lake district series with this pic - it just sums up the current sad situation!
29th Sep 2020 - A pretty mushroom in the sunshine 😁
30th Sep 2020 - Yesterday morning it was foggy and damp, perfect for capturing cobwebs!