• May 2021

1st May 2021 - And here it is!
2nd May 2021 - On our morning stroll this horse and rider was on the opposite side of the river - luckily I had my zoom lens on!
3rd May 2021 - Lovely robin posing for me!
4th May 2021 - Summer is on its way
5th May 2021 - Under the bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers (one of my favourite tunes)
6th May 2021 - A sad day yesterday - one of my hubby's friends died after suffering with cancer for a while. The horse and carriage carrying his coffin was beautiful.
7th May 2021 - New windows, 3 layers of brick painted anthracite grey ready for rendering!
8th May 2021 - A stroll along the prom in Lytham at 6.30am this morning. So quiet - definitely the time to visit
9th May 2021 - Lytham St Anne's windmill
10th May 2021 - It's catch up time! Liked the lamppost reflected on the beach hut!
11th May 2021 - A beautiful morning for our early stroll!
12th May 2021 - Went for lunch with some old work mates yesterday and had a nice view from our table. So good to start getting out and about again - and scrummy food!
13th May 2021 - Rafting down Southport pier.  Playtime with Affinity Photo - my first attempt at a composite
14th May 2021 - Pretty pink flowers against the green
15th May 2021 - Chirping away! No lovelier sounds than the birds in the morning 💕
16th May 2021 - We are away in the Lake District for a week so sorry if can't comment on your photos for a while as internet is rubbish on site. We have to go to the pub to get a decent signal - shame lol!
17th May 2021 - Caldbeck village
18th May 2021 - Did 22,000 steps yesterday on a walk from Threlkeld to Keswick on the old railway line.
19th May 2021 - Keswick - Fritz Park
20th May 2021 - Nice early walk this morning at Caldbeck before the rain started
21st May 2021 - More from Caldbeck before the rain! A lovely little village with nice walks in every direction - plus only a few minutes drive from our caravan site.
22nd May 2021 - Driving these country lanes is quite entertaining!
23rd May 2021 - It's good to scratch that itch!
24th May 2021 - Who lives in a house like this? Lovely cottage
25th May 2021 - Sadie jumping for her stick!
26th May 2021 - Buttermere Lake
28th May 2021 - Work nearly completed!
29th May 2021 - My grandson relaxing!
30th May 2021 - My youngest granddaughter- playing with my wide angle lens!
31st May 2021 - A lovely early morning walk today!