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A bit of an update - I'm still in love with photography and the 365 community. I have upgraded my camera to a Canon 70D which I love btw and have joined a local Photography Club. I don't always have my DSLR with me so my phone is always handy to capture the days events. My 365 Project is a visual diary to me and I have my images printed in an album every now and then so I can look back on them in years to come and see what I got up to. I don't put as much pressure on myself to take a pic every day and sometimes spread a days images over a few days if I want the image in my album - for me it's all about the memories! Thank you to my lovely followers - i really appreciate your time taken to comment on my images, each comment is greatly appreciated. I try to comment on your shots every day and love looking at the great images created - and sharing a bit of our lives together. I look on you as friends I just haven't met yet 😊

Hi, I'm Lynda from Hutton - a small village outside Preston, Lancashire. I started a 365 project once before but as had to download camera shots from my DSLR onto laptop got way behind. But now with such good cameras on phones I am mainly going to be using my camera phone to record my daily antics, both interesting and uninteresting but a great way to record my life! I love taking photos and am always looking for an interesting object/angle whilst out anywhere - drives my hubby mad sometimes!!
I bought a secondhand DSLR from a friend a few years ago and did an online course and have been hooked ever since!
Photography, I think, is a great way to improve how you view the world - and notice the beauty in everything around us.