My GrandPig, Yaddle by lyndemc

My GrandPig, Yaddle

My oldest son has always loved guinea pigs, and once settled into his own place as an adult, he went out and got one. Within days he knew it needed a buddy to live with so went back to the pet store and purchased one of the two remaining pigs which he felt were brothers to the original one. A week or so later, the last brother was still at the pet store, and Michael, being the tender-hearted guy that he's been since he was a kid, couldn't leave him there alone anymore, so brought him home as well. That pig is this one; Yaddle (named after some obscure character in a Star Wars book, I believe.) Yaddle has an usual shape to his nose..."more rat than guinea pig" Michale says. But it's a good nose for kissing, something I did a lot of after the poor creature put up with me constantly repositioning him after he'd try and sneak under the hosta for cover.
Michael's four guinea pigs have been staying with me while he was on work assignment in Spain since August. He barely made it back to the States before borders were closed because of COVID. But he's not been able to come and get them until now. In a few days my "grandpigs" will be going home once again, something I'm sure they'll be happy about.

FUR in my May theme of "Flowers, Feathers, Fur and Flora"
I babysat my son's guinea pig for a year and fell in love with the fat body and short legs.
May 17th, 2020  
Babysitting almost done , you’re going to miss them !
May 18th, 2020  
Great story
May 18th, 2020  
Great shot and story.
May 18th, 2020  
So cute! It’s great they can explore outside!
May 18th, 2020  
Oh, Yaddle is fantastic! Ratty nose or not! I love this shot, and I love your story.
May 18th, 2020  
Cute capture :)
May 18th, 2020  
I'm surprised that he didn't run away when he was in the garden! He's cute.
May 18th, 2020  
May 18th, 2020  
Very sweet!
May 18th, 2020  
Wonderful image and story
May 20th, 2020  
May 21st, 2020  
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