The Piano by madamelucy

The Piano

We have this great piano at our house that we got for our daughter Melina. But I have no clue about music. ..
So now little Aria wants to try her hand at it. So here she is trying to get the right notes. I have the book in front of me and it even has the numbers to match the notes. So I try to put the numbers on the keys but I have no clue if they are for the right notes. Poor Aria. I think she needs to wait for her mommy. Maybe there is some hope for her.
She's got a lovely piano to play with, whichever keys you put the numbers on!

Just look at the patterns of black and white keys - some of the black ones are in pairs, and the others in threes, and the pattern repeats all the way up :)
June 3rd, 2011  
June 3rd, 2011  
What a gorgeous shot! Lovely piano too!
June 4th, 2011  
Wonderfully captured!
June 5th, 2011  
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