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I simply make pictures for fun, and I am not even close to a good photographer :)
Making a lot of pictures helps to get a bit better, but i know its gonna take time :)
It makes you see the world in a different way.
And besides making the picture, it's also fun to do some editing.
Cant make every day pictures but try to upload whenever i can, same for comments, sorry for that.

Lot of people here make absolutely very good pictures, and a lot of people give great ideas and inspiration, so i hope i can learn a lot here.
Advice is very welcome, thats the way to learn i guess.

I'm from the south west part of the Netherlands so my native language is Dutch, so don't shoot me for any grammatical mistakes in English :)

Here is a link to see which of your pictures made it to the PP (Populair Pages)

Here is the link for my PP shots (Populair Pages)

Thank you for visiting my page, the votes, the fav's and the friendly words.
All advice and tips are more than welcome.