Me and my shadow by mandygravil

Me and my shadow

Wherever Eric goes Trevor goes if they are out together. Eric is so patient and although there is a lot of mouthing and teeth on both sides there is no aggression, just play and teaching.
I really want a springer... still working on hubby
December 10th, 2017  
So cute, they look like best friends already.
December 10th, 2017  
Aw - such a lovely image of both of them 😊😊
December 10th, 2017  
I love this
December 10th, 2017  
@denise59 Oh Dee - go for it - he is really lively - as are the labs but he is such a sweet natured dog and just loves everyone he meets. When we see the lady who looks after them all when we go away whilst out walking he starts to whine and pull on his lead to get to her.
@onewing They definiltely are going to be buddies.
@paul10 Thank you Paul.
@rumpelstiltskin Thanks Lynn
December 10th, 2017  
So cute!
December 10th, 2017  
@lyndamcg :) They love playing together.
December 10th, 2017  
I really love photos of puppies with older dogs. Trevor looks like he has picked his favorite adult.
December 10th, 2017  
@joev Ha ha - I think he has and it was a great choice. Eric is so patient and playful. Dennis and Norman are a little unsure of him at the mo but all will come good.
December 10th, 2017  
@mandygravil thanks for that Mandy. We have always had labs so I’m fully away of alll their traits , good and bad. Maybe I’ll persuade hubby to get one of each 😘
December 10th, 2017  
Fabulous shot = fav!
December 10th, 2017  
Good old Eric, Trevor has an excellent mentor he won't go far wrong if he follows in Eric's paw prints. 🐾🐾
December 10th, 2017  
Adorable! Springers are such lovely natured dogs
December 10th, 2017  
too cute fav
December 10th, 2017  
December 11th, 2017  
@quietpurplehaze Thank you Hazel and for the fav.
@chrisiow Ha ha I think he definitely will be following the grand master.
@fbailey They are. Eric just loves everybody, animal or human.
@moviegal1 @randystreat Thank you Kerri and Kathy for looking.
December 12th, 2017  
Looks like they play together really well- big brother, little brother!
December 13th, 2017  
@olivetreeann They do Ann, Eric is so gentle even when his ears are taking a battering.
December 16th, 2017  
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