A Royal Pain

I typed papers on this old beast during my first years of college in the mid-1980s, years before my first personal computer. It was my dad's typewriter when he was a young man. As best as I can figure, it's a Royal Magic Margin, a model that was introduced in 1938. It weighs a ton (about 35 pounds), and I used to have to pick it up off a closet floor at my parents' house and carry it down the hall. I so hated it back then, but I love it now, a dusty but elegant throwback to a simpler time. I love it to look at, that is. Typing on it was the worst.
Now that is something you don't see anymore. Wonderful shot, Marcy.
posted March 20th, 2017  
Great idea for a shot, Marcy! I learned how to type on a manual typewriter...not quite this old but your image certainly brings back lots of memories of the clickety-clack of the keys and the carriage return bar. :-)
posted March 20th, 2017  
I learned to type on an old typewriter and we learned to never make a mistake since there was no way to correct it and had to start over if we did!
A great shot of simpler times.
posted March 20th, 2017  
I learned to type on a machine like this. They covered our hands with a sheet of paper stuck to the top so we had to touch type without looking. The first time I used an electric typewriter, I made loads of mistakes because it operated a key with so little pressure, unlike these babies! I do have a certain nostalgia for them..........
posted March 20th, 2017  
My mother STILL types with a typewriter... I need to check out the model when I next visit. What a great capture and a lovely thing to have. I learnt to type on a typewriter too. The school stuck stickers over the keys so we had to follow the letter/finger placement on a screen as there was no point looking down at them...
posted March 20th, 2017  
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Thanks for visiting and commenting. I liked hearing all the typewriter stories, and they brought back a memory. I once typed a philosophy paper on this in which I spelled "perceive" incorrectly about 10 times and had to go over each one with Whiteout and try to type over the correct spelling in the right spot.
posted March 22nd, 2017  
So wonderful that you still have it. Enjoyed reading all the stories here.
posted March 23rd, 2017  
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