Could it be? by marcy0414

Could it be?

While I don’t really think this amaryllis plant is worthy of not 3, not 4, but -- count ‘em -- 5 photos of this project, I had pronounced it dying on Day 96. I stopped watering it and ignored it completely, and now there are four robust shoots getting bigger every day. I have no idea if they could send up a flower or not, but my black thumb gardening has been an adventure: Getting the bulb on Day 18, planting it on Day 33, its growth on Day 58, and its assumed death on Day 96.

Littered on the soil are the remains of my abstract pencil flower arrangement in a lazy-girl version of composting.

I promise I won't bother you again with this plant -- unless it flowers, ha ha!

Thanks for your views and comments -- always much appreciated.
Cool shot and it seems to be pretty hardy. I guess we should never underestimate the power of a plant. LOL
May 29th, 2017  
Laissez-faire gardening at its best!
May 29th, 2017  
Well, isn't that amazing!! Fingers crossed that it produces some flowers for you!! :-)
May 30th, 2017  
Somethings having a handy plant around helps out when you need a photo for the day. Hopefully it'll spring up with some flowers. Nice perspective of it in this shot.
May 30th, 2017  
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