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Hi there.

I've just started my first 365 on Jan 1st, and am enjoying it heaps. So many nice people out there who view and comment on my shots.

I live east of Melbourne, Australia, in a suburb near the base of Mt Dandenong.

I decided to do 365 as a challenge to myself to improve and learn more about photography. I had to wait 30 years to get my camera, played with it a while then went and did a beginners course, got out of auto!... and have been practicing ever since. Still so much to learn and I am in awe of the photos I see on this site.

I love dawns and sunsets, landscapes, clouds, birds, patterns, lines. textures, macros, bugs and all sorts of stuff. I love the solitude of being out there in the early light, just me and nature and my camera.

My dream is to one day go on a photo tour with Australia's own Ken Duncan, the amazingly wonderful landscape panograph artist, who's 'WOW Factor' workshop I was fortunate to attend in September 2015. His message was...just get out and do it and PRINT it, preferably to archival standards. He said that this generation in history is producing amazing photos but there is going to be a huge black hole where the photos should be because no one is printing their work. And he was concerned that with the ever changing technology, sometime in the future these images will be lost as things will change and what is viewable now, will not be viewable in the future.

Something to think about indeed.

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