MR & MRS SCRUFF  by markp


Robins are notoriously territorial, and last winter there were two other Robins in the garden, and Scruff was kept very busy chasing off other intruders. However, they obviously have to work together in the Spring to raise their youngsters.
The warm winter sun must be fooling them into thinking that Spring is just around the corner, as in the last few days, both of them have been closer and more tolerant of each other.
Last year, with Scruff missing a few feathers, and the other two having slightly different white flecks, they were easy to tell apart.
This year, since they have both moulted, they are almost impossible to tell apart by their appearance. However, their behaviour, makes them very easy to distinguish.
Scruff is far more trusting and confident, always ready to be hand fed, in fact often prompting it, by standing outside the window of whichever room I am in or landing right next to me and calling if I am already outside.
Mrs Scruff is not quite there yet, she will watch and fly down to bits of food I throw towards her.
From her behaviour while I am feeding Scruff, I can see she is seriously thinking about flying over to my hand as well.
Scruff is at the front of the image, Mrs Scruff is at the back.

Another shot of Scruff is here........
Great capture
January 14th, 2022  
In breeding season I wonder if he will bring her food as part of the mating ritual. I think I have seen my male cardinal bring some food to his lady at that time
January 14th, 2022  
@gardencat Hi Joanne, yes he will. Last year at breeding time, he would take food from my hand and then fly over to a nearby bush, where she was waiting, and feed her. He would repeat this three or four times till she decided she had had enough and fly off.
He would then come back and to another three times and then fly off full. Expecting to see this again in a few weeks, hopefully.
January 14th, 2022  
What fun it must be to follow their activity! And to get such great shots!
January 15th, 2022  
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