The Beach - More Filler by marlboromaam

The Beach - More Filler

I know! I've got to get busy taking some new photos! Still working on the video of a new poetry project... This is not a spectacular sunrise or composition and the short time I had to take some photos on the beach (like about 10 minutes) - I spent more time enjoying squishing the wet sand between my toes! It had been so very long since I was able to do that! Love the sensations of the wet sand and the cold Atlantic rushing over my feet. =)
Love it! Beautiful beach!! :)
October 19th, 2011  
@Rachel Michelle, thank you for your kind comment and thank you for the follow, too!
October 19th, 2011  
October 19th, 2011  
@Rebecca M, thank you, kindly!
October 19th, 2011  
I love the squishy sand too . . this is a beauty with a great pov. NICE!!!
October 19th, 2011  
@karenann LOL! Another sand squisher! Thank you for your lovely comments! Made my day!
October 19th, 2011  
Beautiful! I would love to have my chair right there!!!
October 19th, 2011  
What a great place to be, wonderful:P
October 19th, 2011  
@Sharon, thank you! You and I both - with our chairs!

@Vicki K, was a good place for the reunion. Thank you!
October 19th, 2011  
Beautiful seashore view! Great shot Maggie... I would love to walk in there :D
October 19th, 2011  
@Princess Fairlane... what a nice thought! If we could only walk into some of these photos - what a world! Thank you for your kind comments. =)
October 19th, 2011  
It goes on forever! Luv this shot! Wish I were there!
October 21st, 2011  
@Kd Wallis, thank you! I wish I was there right now, too! =)
October 21st, 2011  
Maggie, I'm looking at some of your 'back catalogue' ...images you posted before we started following each other. This image really struck a chord with me ....first because it looks an awesome beach, secondly because of your words...

"enjoying squishing the wet sand between my toes! It had been so very long since I was able to do that! Love the sensations of the wet sand and the cold Atlantic rushing over my feet. =) "

Your words so reached out to me Maggie....walking barefoot in the sand by the waters edge , feeling the sun, surf and breeze warm you is without doubt one of the best feelings in the world. The words hit home because I live so far away from the sea...

Oh and it's the Atlantic Ocean...I've been on holiday to the canary islands (some spanish islands off north africa) and they are in the atlantic i've dipped my toes and swam in the very same's one hell of a long swim to meet you on Myrtle Beach though :)
January 15th, 2012  
@phil_howcroft You've made my day! LOL! I was working of my poetry projects when I posted this. If you like the beach... when you get a minute, take a look at my poetry project... You might really enjoy it and I hope you do! =)
January 15th, 2012  
@marlboromaam Maggie, WOW, you are one talented lady (or do I say 'gal to a US lady !!) ...your video and poem was beautiful.....I noticed you mentioned it a few times in the pictures in and around this one...

Even the narrative that supports the video on you tube has some meaningful text...."Every beach has a song" ...oh how true is that Maggie :)

My fave bit of your video was...

her waves rush o'er the sand ..
meet beach and sea and kiss..
as waters roll back down...
the sea foam moans a hiss...


Here's my extra verse....a quick 10 minute addition...may need working on !!!

In rain , wind , sun and snow
The beach and sea will let us know
that nothing else can ever feel like this
together as one, forever in bliss

January 15th, 2012  
I'm a cowgirl poet wannabe and I had a little coaching from an award winning cowboy poet back in the early fall. Must count those syllables and stick to true rhyme because western poetry is all about true rhyme and rhythm. I love your prose and if I were to turn it into cowboy poetry, it would go more like this...

In rain, wind, sun and snow (6 syllables)
Beach and sea let us know (6 syllables)
Nothing else feels like this (6 syllables)
We are one - 'ere in bliss (6 syllables)

Can you hear the rhythm and feel it? LOL! It's fun!

Not so talented, Phil! Just a few things I've always wanted to do and learn how to do, but never had time until I was laid off from my job. It's stuff I've thought about for a very long time. I'm happy it touched you in some way and that you can relate to it! That's what poets go for, that people can relate to what they are saying. And you can call me "gal" or anything at all as long as you don't call me late for dinner! LOL! You've really made my week, Phil! Cheers to you and yours!
January 15th, 2012  
Maggie, I hope you didn't mind me adding an extra verse to your video and was a very moving piece of art and i wanted to show i was moved by it :)
January 15th, 2012  
@phil_howcroft In no way did I mind! It was very flattering that you did! I love your verse! =)
January 15th, 2012  
@marlboromaam Maggie, I think our posts crossed.....I like the cowboy version ...i get it now 6 syllables per line :)

I hear and feel the rhythm i felt and heard your sea.

I don't know if 'gal is 'cowboy speak'....i'd never call you late for dinner :) LOL....i'd be there on time to listen to your rhymes...OR using 6 syllables "be on time for maggie's rhymes"

take care, i'm pleased you were flattered :)
January 15th, 2012  
@phil_howcroft Is that what happened! Okay, I wondered! Not necessarily 6 syllables per line... if your first line is 5, then stick with 5, etc. LOL! Phil you make laugh! Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart! You're a-okay!
January 15th, 2012  
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