Beaded chameleon by maureenpp

Beaded chameleon

Complete muck up today - took lots of lovely photos of dotterel chicks, or thought I did. turned out there was no card in the camera and I didn't realise (new camera) that the photo showed on the screen even with no card. If I'd scrolled back it would have been obvious, but didn't. And it says no card but the light was so bright it didn't show up on the screen and I missed it. Hard lesson learned. The most annoying thing if I thought I might forget to put the card back as I'm used to a camera that has 2 cards, and I had a spare with me I could have used. Oh well.

This little fellow I bought in Africa some years ago at a market. The seller told me I'd never see another one. Didn't believe that, but it seemed to be true, and I never did see another one. Lots of lizard ones, hundreds, but only that one chameleon. And we did actually see a chameleon, and watch its colour changes. So it's a great reminder.
Red is great on black, excellent reflection
January 9th, 2021  
Nice bright little friend.....
January 9th, 2021  
Omg, I SO hate that that is a default of so many cameras. I lost an entire session shooting a red panda up close and personal because I didn't notice there was no card. Ugh! I feel ya.
January 10th, 2021  
@aikiuser Thank you for that! I think a red panda beats dotterel chicks hands down! I'm hoping I can get back to the beach to look for them next week. But it's never the same.
January 10th, 2021  
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