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It's time for an update. I didn't realise that I have been using 365 since September 2016. No wonder I feel as if many 365ers are friends, even if we have never met. It is like having many pen friends who keep in touch regularly. I have learned so much andchave now been a member of two camera groups for most of the time. Thanks to all my 365 friends for all the help, advice and for being there.
My husband bought me a dslr camera a year ago and we joined the local U3a photography group. A new and very enjoyable hobby. Was told about 365project this week. Looks interesting.
I have just started my third year on 365 and feel as if I have made so many friends. Different people who post different types of pictures. I have learned so much just be being able to see their photographs. And seeing other parts of the world too.
I had a Canon DSLR and loved it. But as I'm getting older and walking isn't as easy, it felt big and heavy. So just before Christmas I bought myself a Lumix G80. I am getting to know it slowly. I'm sure I will love it as much as my Canon.