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My second year and I'm taking it easy. Only posting when I find something I really want to photograph and that turns out well. I still love browsing everyone's posts and staying in touch with this great community.
My sister started in on 365project shortly after she retired and wanted to stay active. Never a photographer, she proved a quick study and is now posting some of the most stunning photos I've seen. She persuaded me to join so I could follow her project and comment on her pictures. It wasn't long before she was urging me to post a few pictures, and I've finally accepted her challenge. I've always been mostly a snapshot photographer, and I'm hoping that I'll hone my skills a little. I don't think I'll be as adept or prolific as my sister, but I do think I'll enjoy throwing up a picture now and then and telling a story or two.
I've had a few photos make it to the Trending Page and the Popular Page:
http://365project.org/tags/mb-pp or http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=mbemis
I enjoy entering the themes and challenges as it makes me look at shots differently and improve my skills. Those that have made it to the voting stage are found at http://365project.org/tags/mb-finalist .
My winning entries are:
Mundane Object (Camera) challenge with this shot of my husband's camera collection: http://365project.org/mbemis/themes-and-chal/2014-07-21
MFPIAC15 (Air) http://365project.org/mbemis/themes-and-chal/2014-09-17