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Hard to decide what is important to mention for the purpose of this website. I like when people share where they live and are taking their pictures. So I’ll proudly declare that I live in the great and inglorious San Fernando Valley of the Greater Los Angeles. The city of Calabasas, specifically, which is famous for absolutely nothing, besides a few of the more overly privileged people who live here. In general, you have to look a little harder here than many places to find anything of true beauty to photograph. But it’s there, if you look hard enough. Otherwise, it’s a fabulous place for anyone so inclined to chronicle the banality of suburbia, and until recently, the effects of a six year drought and assorted wildfires. I picked up my first film camera way too many years ago in early high school, primarily to sentimentally record a host of dear people, now sadly gone. And later, of course, my children. But I have gradually, and of necessity, transitioned to more questionably artistic pursuits, since as soon as they see me reach for my camera, everyone I love heads for the hills. (If you know of a market for candid portraits of people covering their faces, please let me know. We could go partners and make millions!) Otherwise, the things I like to photograph include people (particularly non relatives), flowers (particularly roses), botanical gardens(particularly in spring), museums, fireworks, street scenes, soccer games, any manner of oddity, and (on those rare occasions) vacations. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful pictures. They never fail to inspire me.