Sesquicentennial Cat by mcsiegle

Sesquicentennial Cat

Another photo in response to my get pushed challenge given me by Walks @ 7 @joysabin was to "...take a shot of something that makes you smile and then explain why."

This is one of 31 of these wildcat statues sponsored and decorated by various entities and organizations and put up all around town in 2013 to celebrate Kansas State University's sesquicentennial (150th anniversary of it's founding in 1863) I pass this statue in Anderson Hall frequently as I've taken to detouring through there when I get off work at noon and dropping off any completed slips we have for the Registrar's office. The building is right next door and so the paperwork gets there that day rather than two days later if I put them in the campus mail (picked up the next morning and delivered the day after that.)

This statue often makes me smile, thinking about all the differently decorated wildcats there were. Some are retained on campus -- others auctioned off and residing elsewhere (in some cases the same place they were displayed originally).

I first became acquainted with this phenomenon (statues scattered across a city and painted/decorated in various hues and patterns etc) when I saw the Snoopy statues throughout St. Paul, MN -- hometown of cartoonist Charles Schultz. Since then I've also seen of few of the CowParade cows in Kansas City. (I just did a search on this and found out that there have been CowParades all over the world)

Anyway, the point is, this whole cow/wildcat parade thingy makes me smile. How the heck could it not?!? If you want to see the other wildcats from 2013, you'll find them here:
@joysabin Here's a wildcat for you. In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that this statue also has made me grit my teeth in frustration. It's in a glass case and has NOT been easy to get a decent picture of. I've tried numerous times and this is the best I've gotten.
May 14th, 2016  
Our town has bears everywhere, but it's been fun for sure.

Love your picture
May 14th, 2016  
Mary this is very good. This cat has true presence and power. I like that you've shown a object that you see on a regular basis because to smile and often is vital to our sanity. I also can appreciate your frustration about the glass 'cage' for this beast. I like your including (or having to leave in) the corner of the case since it says to me that you over came that barrier and got a great shot.
May 14th, 2016  
wild cats around town. I love the statue craze
May 14th, 2016  
We had sheep one year and cows the next in a couple of Yorkshire market towns. I'm not sure what happened to them, I think they were part of a festival. This is fantastic! They're all amazing, great shot and info.
May 14th, 2016  
very cool with the purple color!
May 15th, 2016  
What a beautiful statue, love the colour!
May 15th, 2016  
Nice interesting capture!
May 17th, 2016  
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