1900 KAC student body - closer look by mcsiegle

1900 KAC student body - closer look

I was waiting to talk to someone in the Registrar's office one day shortly before I left for Wisconsin and spent the time looking at three pictures of Anderson Hall on the wall. One showed what must be the whole of the student body and probably faculty too standing in front of the building and perched on windowsills and roof. When I looked closer I noticed the shape of skirts up on the top part of the roof. It looks like about four of those top dwellers are women. It also appears that they could climb out a little window up there and I imagine there is a bit of flat space to stand. But still, pretty gutsy of those women in 1900 to join the men up there. I just had to share it.
How fascinatinf. I love the way you show this in a collage too.
July 11th, 2016  
Great capture. Beautiful flower
July 11th, 2016  
July 12th, 2016  
Incredible no H\S then!!
July 13th, 2016  
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