Choir z-rehearsal by mcsiegle

Choir z-rehearsal

Actually it’s impossible to hear everyone sing together over Zoom so our director played an audio track of us singing in a previous concert and we sang along to that - each in our own voice - alto, bass, tenor, soprano. It’s good to see each other.

Finishing up my half and half month.
complicated! My husband just told me today of a choir (l have forgotten where) that had 52 of the 61 members come down with COVID because of one infected person at a choir practice! This seems to be the much smarter way to do things
June 1st, 2020  
Singing apparently has been identified as an activity that really sends out a spray of droplets. I guess we won't be singing for awhile except in the privacy of our own homes and of course, the car.
June 2nd, 2020  
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