We won! by mcsiegle

We won!

Here you see my pigs staging a recreation of the double snouter (worth 40 points) that put them in the Pigmania winners’ circle for the latest match. They did a lot of training the previous week, knowing how difficult it was to beat Kathy and Katy's pigs. I was so excited for them! And they did it in record time. After the game ended, we (Kathy, Katy, and I) had a little extra time just to chat. I'm thoroughly enjoying playing Pigmania with 365 friends.

They had a dinosaur cheering section this week, consisting of the Allosaurus, the Stegosaurus, and the adult Apatosaurus. I wouldn't let any of the youngsters (especially the Triceratops Twins) participate, for fear they'd get rowdy and disturb the play.

NOTE: Smuggler's Britain has nothing to do with our game. It's just a large flat book employed in the business of raising the iPad up to the appropriate level for FaceTime. All our playing is strictly by the rules, legal and above board -- and anyway there is no contraband involved or tariffs levied on pig tossing games. PLUS, I live in land-locked Kansas, not coastal Cornwall. Gee, I miss Kitty Hawke @cutekitty and Swillin' Billy Flynn @swillinbillyflynn -- Do you suppose their pirate crew does any songs about smugglers?
@cutekitty @swillinbillyflynn Are you out there? Haven't seen either of you in a coon's age.
July 20th, 2020  
@grammyn @randystreat See you Thursday.
July 20th, 2020  
Is this the victory party? I hope it didn't go on all the rest of the day and the night. The pigs and I look forward to our next gathering. (also to @grammyn)
July 20th, 2020  
@randystreat Nope. We really didn't have a big celebration. I just told them how proud I was of them and asked them to please pose for me, demonstrating the winning move. The dinosaurs naturally wanted in on the shot -- and I couldn't say no. It may have been their presence and support that helped the pigs pull off the win.
July 20th, 2020  
What a perfect set up! I love seeing how you play the game. My favorite part of this photo? The title!
July 20th, 2020  
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