Meditation Board by mcsiegle

Meditation Board

I finally took down the bulletin board I put up three years ago. It was past time to change the pictures on that board. On Monday I laid it on a table in the “music room” (i.e. the room with the piano) and spent time taking the old pictures off and choosing new ones. Thinking a lot about the current situation the world is facing with this pandemic, immediate and longer views of that, and possible responses. I didn’t finish the board that night, but finally pinned it all down on Saturday. I’ve now hung it back up above the desk upstairs where I can see it every day.
Thank you for sharing. I find it calming to view and so much to see.
November 23rd, 2020  
Very interesting a good ida to change it now and then
November 23rd, 2020  
So much to see in this photo. Your bulletin board looks amazing and so does your music room!
November 23rd, 2020  
This is an interesting concept. How do you use this board?
November 23rd, 2020  
@edorreandresen Thanks. I'm glad you find it calming to view. I do too, but also can be thought-provoking.
@ethelperry It was WAY past time to change it. For several years I participated with a group of people who did a monthly meditation. Most people wrote out their thoughts. I constructed a board, and so it was being re-done each month. I'd like to change more often than every 3 years! But every month isn't realistic for me -- maybe quarterly.
@grammyn Thanks, Katie. It is a favorite room. The piano is just out of frame to the right of the table. As you know, I love looking at the light coming through the colored glass in the window. There are perhaps too many things at present on those window shelves. The could do with a little organization.
@randystreat Thanks, I have a huge collection of pictures cut from magazines and other places. Really WAY more than I should have and I need to winnow. But they serve me well when I put the board together anew. For three years some of the folks at SweetWood were doing a project they called "Deepening." Each month for three years we took one of the five core values of SweetWood and paired it with an 'element.' In addition to Earth, Air, Fire, and Water we also used Ancestors, Descendants, and Community. We started with the core value of Self-Knowledge and paired it with each element. After those seven months we started with the next value and so on for 35 months. The idea was to deepen our understanding of those values and how they are informed by our understanding of the elements. Now that that three year project is finished I still want to use the board to explore my understanding of myself and the world around me. It works well for me. I can choose the pictures with some thought and an eye to visual composition of the board, and then find more meaning in them as I look at it on my wall. Some pictures I don't know how they really fit with the rest except I like the way they look. Sometimes I put text on there -- a quote or poem or short piece. I can put an interesting or beautiful picture on there and not have to explain to anyone else what it is signifying to me. This is probably more explanation than you wanted.
November 28th, 2020  
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