Kenny (Kenny!?) Jim Cecil and Jack by mcsiegle

Kenny (Kenny!?) Jim Cecil and Jack

So, this needs some explanation. Not a new photo (obviously). Back in March of 2019 my sister came to visit our Mom, who passed away about a month later. She stayed at my house while she was here and I loved having her here in the evening, sitting and being silly together. The photo is one of the oldest four of my dad and siblings. (Eventually there were seven.) The copy of the photo we were looking at was beat up and I don't know why I spent any time just now trying to clean it up as it's just a joke, for heaven's sake! We have better copies of this particular photo (without cat face). Anyway. The oldest is Kenneth, then James (Jim), Cecil, and my adorable little dad (John Henry, called Jack)

My sister has a cat she named Jack -- not necessarily after Dad. Frank and Dan and I used to have a cat named Jack, again, not named after Dad.

Anyway, sometime before her visit one of her three grandsons wanted a cat. So Barb went to the pet store and found a cat that tugged at her heartstrings. When she brought it home the other two boys pleaded for cats of their own. So she went back to the store and got two more cats. She was afraid they'd think she was a crazy cat lady! I don't know whether the naming of the cats was just Barb or a collaborative effort, but they decided that since they already had Jack, they should name the others Kenny, Jim, and Cecil. Are you still with me?

I think she had some pictures of those cats on her phone and for laughs we tried using a photo app on my iPod to (very crudely) digitally cut out Kenny cat's face and put it on the boy. We started out thinking it would be cool to do it to all four, but it was stinking hard and it didn't look good at all. We had a really good laugh though. Now you see how hard up I am for portraits for the third week of FOR February! I'm posting a close up of (boy) Kenny's real face, as he was a really cute kid.
I never knew him. He died when I was just a few years old and he was in a hospital up in Minnesota.
A terrific photo have your dad’s family. I think the cat is hysterical
February 20th, 2021  
Love your narrative and these great old photos. And the kitty face is a really fun twist!
February 21st, 2021  
Great job
February 21st, 2021  
That's how it starts. You have an idea and you go for it.
February 22nd, 2021  
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