December 2015 Whiteboard Calendar by meotzi

December 2015 Whiteboard Calendar

I used to make a whiteboard calendar and hang it on the refrigerator with a magnetic pin to indicate today. It helped my mother remember what day it was. She is gone but I still make the calendar and scribble the weather, holidays, other interesting things.
On the 28th, I saw parhelion and rainbow arcs around the sun. No camera and no place to stop on the highway anyway. So I drew two sun dogs around the sun symbol on that date.
I remember seeing this calendar on SC. But I didn't know it was for your mother originally. What a nice story. What is the significance of the red or blue drawing?
January 6th, 2016  
@seacreature Red means it's warmer than normal and blue means it's seasonable or cold. Orange means it's hotter than hell but I only see that in summer. I hope. Maybe I'll have purple mean it's colder than midnight on Pluto and I hope I don't see that either.
January 6th, 2016  
That's a great idea to help someone whose memory is starting to fade. I remember this too from SC. Fun photo.
January 9th, 2016  
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