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I live in Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada. I shoot with a D750. I've been exploring photography for years now, starting with a Nikon film camera in 2001. These last few years, my kids have been my main subject but as much as I love them I must admit they are getting boring to photograph as they enter the teenage years. Luckily, I also love travel and event photography but what I'd like to do now is some sort of documentary photo project of my life, to try to explore storytelling through photography. I love journaling and I've been meaning to combine it with photography in a daily photo journal for years now, but I always drop the project after a few days. This was before finding this site, so hopefully I will stick to it in 2020!

As for the rest, I'm a librarian, a mother of two, and I also love yoga, Paul Auster, tea and Patrick Watson. I speak French as my main language and am also trying to learn Italian so feel free to leave comments in any of these languages! Looking forward to seeing and sharing some great pictures!