The Guest by miseria

The Guest

This weeks get pushed challenge comes from @annied and was "refraction" due to the current b&w challenge (I have no idea if it's still ongoing or much about it so I don't know the proper tags)! :D

Therefore I finally got to use these glass orbs. They're from an operating theater and they do something in some lights or something. They are basically big heavy thick donuts shaped blobs of high quality glass (which I decided to not clean).

I decided to use the kitchen floor (which was actually just finished) and a light, along with an artificial rose and some artificial pearls (I probably should have arranged these a bit better but the battery ran out on the lights) arranged to be a bit lopsided. The whole procedure drew the interest of a cat, who decided to turn up in the photo (though she was outside the narrow focus)! Everything had to be done manually, firstly due to the light, and then secondly due to the focus due to the glass orbs so it was nice practice!
@annied Thank you for the challenge~!
October 1st, 2017  
@miseria what a creative composition - love the cat peeking in
October 1st, 2017  
@annied Yes! I did think about using her eyes too. I like how light looks through them, but she's a much faster moving target! :D
October 1st, 2017  
I love the lighted face of the cat and the light through the glass.
October 1st, 2017  
Opps I fell asleep without issuing a challenge
October 2nd, 2017  
OK wanted to make sure you hadn't done this. I have been issuing my challenges using this site.
My challenge is to try a foreground interest and depth shot.
October 2nd, 2017  
Love how the photobombing cat is lit!!
October 2nd, 2017  
@randystreat Yes, she adds lots of interest to the photo! :D

@joansmor Thank you for the challenge! I haven't done this "formally" so i'll see what I can do with this theme!

@30pics4jackiesdiamond Yes! I'm still unsure of what she is looking at. All that is over there is some cupboard doors!
October 3rd, 2017  
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