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September 2019. Well so much for much of 2019. I posted until the beginning of April and then went on a long trip to Morocco and didn't get back to posting after that with work and my primary focus outrigger paddling this summer. However, I am now officially retired and will get back to posting photos. i will likely fill in some from April through September over the next weeks.

31 December 2018 Well, I dropped off the radar for 2018; I guess I needed a break. However, I have decided to come back because I found without posting, I stopped taking photos for most of last year. I'll likely post photos on most days although I doubt I'll be able to get out with the camera every day. I am looking forward to 2019 and what it might bring.

2017: Now that we are halfway through the year, I feel an update is overdue. Most photos have been and will continue to be around from around Calgary, Alberta generally and western Canada. Although I will likely post most days, I tend to get out for photography a couple of times a week or so. I try to keep track of others on the site, visiting and commenting as I can, with the time I have.

2016: I suspect this year is going to be similar to my last but will likely begin posting more stuff other than birds. Again I'll not necessarily be posting every day and but will try to keep track of everyone at least weekly. May should be a good month because we'll be heading to Australia.

2015: I should update this as another year has slipped by. I will continue to post this year, mostly every day although I will likely relax about taking a picture every day. Near the beginning of last year I began concentrating on birds in flight and really enjoyed the challenge, so much so, that I think I will continue in the same vein this year with likely a broader mix of critters than just birds. I will also try to visit other's photos more often and comment more often in response to visitors to my page. Santa was good to me at Christmas and I now have a new camera to figure out which will also make this year a bit different.

2014: Another year is upon us and a group of us at work have once again decided to take up the challenge of a photo a day for a year. We did this last in 2011 and it was a lot of fun, even when we fell short. I wonder what 2014 will bring!

I am a wildlife biologist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but in my current position, I tend not to get into the field for work.

I really enjoy seeing what others are up to, even though I can't consistently comment on other's photos given the limited hours in a day; I marvel at the skill of the photographers here. Thanks for sharing your photos!