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Year 3 - I miss having my project as a reference point. Over the years I was able to find photos by looking for them in my project. So I have started up again, there will be gaps and I may not spend as much time commenting but here I am, back for more :).
Year 2 - Well I did it! finished a year! what an incredible journey. To see what my first year was about watch this video I made http://365project.org/monika64/365/2013-01-11
I will still be around, posting and commenting but on a less rigid basis (well I got slack at the end)
If year 1 was about learning Year 2 brings me to a place of experimentation. I'm going to play with photography and editing so if you dont like edited photos you may as well unfollow me now :)
Year 1 - I wont thank you for your comments and favs in a group message or on my photo and please dont feel that you have to thank me, I prefer to receive views, comments and favs and I will endeavour to return these. But I do thank you all for your views, comments and favs. You all inspire me in some way

For more of my photos see my Facebook Photo page;

I am a Mum of 3 (almost) grown daughters who all don't like me taking their photos any more, and a husband, living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.
I take photos as a bit of a way to expend the creative energy I have and to document my life and the quirky weird things that I see everywhere.
I love that I am sharing them with all of you and I get to be inspired by your photos too....