Gracie by morgz67


I visited a beautiful sanctuary today. Gracie and her sister Thor are 17 and were rescued from one of those less than ideal (I am being kind) roadside attractions. A genetic condition caused Gracie's eyelashes to grow inward and they scratched/damaged her eyes. She is about 90% blind hence the milky blue. She walks a little slower and walks with a higher step but she knows her enclosure (big with lots of hammocks and decks to choose from and barrels to play with) and loves her pool. While visitors can still come to see her as I did today, she is no longer a performer. She can go where she likes, sleep whenever she likes, and play in the leaves as much or a little as she likes. The blurs in the picture are the lines of fencing still between my camera and her. A reminder that she is a beautiful predator. A wild cat. She is not a side show. She is not a pet. She is not an attraction. She is a Bengal Tiger. I symbolically adopted her today and fully support her care at this lovely facility.

exif: 1/1000 (too fast! had to edit lighting) 500mm ISO 3200 f7.1
Majestic animal
November 11th, 2019  
a beautiful creature and at last a beautiful life
November 11th, 2019  
nice fav and follow
November 11th, 2019  
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